Don’t let my innocent look fool you. You could say I’ve always been a professional Bitch, staying on my good side is highly suggested. I’ve been dominant as far as I can remember, always a little bossy and loved to be in control with all the attention on me. My parents had said I had “control issues” because I hated being told what to do, I resisted all authority they tried to enforce on me. Sneaking out to parties, fighting my little brother, skipping school, drinking at school, smoking weed in my bedroom…

Dating cocky, “dominant” boys in high school never worked out for me because I was too stubborn and “argumentative” and slowly I started picturing doing other things to them..How would it feel to tie them up, and stuff a pair of my dirty panties in their mouth and tell them that I faked every orgasm, and their dick will never make any girl feel good. Though it didn’t turn me on sexually, the kinky thoughts always gave me gratification,  and with that; I felt a new kind of sexual power inside myself opening up. 

I am a lifestyle dominatrix, ultimately I enjoy the power exchange of the interactions I involve myself in wholly. I enjoy creating fun approaches to provoke the obsessions of my slaves to challenge how they connect with, and feel about their fixations. Call it a mind fuck, if you will. Your wellbeing is always close to heart whilst also taking advantage and using you for whatever I fancy. Though do not think it’s about being used, it’s about being of use. I always know what I want from you, and I know how to get it. I always strive to be my best, and so should you; your submission to me should come naturally.

I live to create a safe place for both me and my slave to openly explore our desires together without fear of judgement. Moreover, when a D/s relationship evolves into something more developed between my slave and I, creating an environment where growth towards a life of devotion towards me becomes the key to both of our happiness. My slaves who serve me well often get the chance to build an amazing relationship with me, if they’re so lucky and try hard enough. I truly enjoy picking the mind of the submissive so be prepared to speak, almost as if you’re in therapy.

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